homecare - Pilot Results

The Homecare and Independent Living track within the APOLLON project focuses on what kind of ecosystem, value network and common approach is necessary to establish a successful cross-border collaboration network. Therefore, different independent living systems and technologies – developed and deployed by a SME/company in the home country - were transferred and with the support from the living lab abroad tested in another country or market. In total four pilots were deployed during the APOLLON project.

Screen 1) The ADL system monitors Activities of Daily Living and send useful insights and alerts to the caregiver.
Screen 2) The system uses small wireless sensors capable of recognizing changes in behavior of residents' daily activities. When the system detects an abnormality it will alert the family, neighbour or caregiver. The ADL system makes it possible to gain efficiency but with quality of life and safety for the elderly.


Active Daily Living System – A sensor-based monitoring system

A two months during experiment – deployed in three waves – with a Dutch wireless sensor-based monitoring system. The system was installed in the houses of 15 Spanish elderly living at home and detects abnormalities in daily routine activities. Also 21 care professionals were involved to test the system.


"The cross-border pilot forced us to re-think the initial business case into an European context and offered us the opportunity to demonstrate our service – resulting in the spin-out of it.." (Dutch SME Innoviting)


A telemonitoring system

Within this pilot, the focus is mainly on the eco-system and the identified differences (not only regarding the value network, but also on a socio-economical and contextual level and regarding the health institutional and regulatory framework). We investigated what are the conditions that need to be fulfilled at both locations in order to be able to a) replicate the service and b) compare the various set-ups.

"The pilot gave us insights into operational issues and requirements related to transferring our products to other markets." (Belgian SME Televic)


Apollon I Can Help – Smartphone app for voluntary drivers

During a five week experiment, a Dutch smartphone app for volunteers was tested in a new market and context, within the Less Mobile Service of a public welfare organisation. The volunteers experimented with an iPhone and the developed application, but also with a redeveloped SMS application, based on the user requirements.

"The pilot opened up new users groups with specific wishes and requirements and we were able to enlarge our markets and extend our business contacts." (Dutch Multinational Logica)


Tunstall Artic Connect System – Virtual homecare with integrated alarms

Based on the first phase experiences of the Xtramira® experiment, and in line with the specific user and technological requirements in the Finnish market, the Helsinki City Home Care, Palmia, Tunstall and 10 clients experimented during five months with the Artic Connect System. Also 17 homecare nurses and/or supervisors were involved within this innovative service for virtual homecare.

"Due to the Living Lab pilot we were able to integrate services from different stakeholders resulting in a commercial service." (Tunstall)


Experiences from the SMEs

"The cross-border pilot forced us to re-think the initial business case into an European context. It increased the development process for building the right proposition and a better product fit. This had a huge impact - in a positive way - on how we are currently developing and deploying the product/service.” (Tim Van den Dool – CEO – Innoviting) “The cross-border project gives us the opportunity to discuss the Healthcare eco-system in another country with the living labs. This enables us to not only identify different needs and possible enhancements to our products but also to explore new (business) opportunities. The project also gives us insights into the requirements and operational issues related to transferring products to other markets outside the base market.” (Saar De Zutter – Program Manager – Televic Healthcare)