ESoCE - Industry Forum 2011 -- Open Innovation for SMEs

Monday, December 5, 2011 - 10:00 - Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 17:30

By 2020 most services and products will be developed with User Driven Open Innovation Approaches and most virtual-real Products/Services will be co-created with the contribution of Virtual Professional Communities. In such context innovation processes will evolve in a way that not only Living Labs and Testbeds but also individuals and SMEs become key innovation players. Indeed more than three-quarters of executives said they believe the greatest innovations of the 21st century will be those that address human needs, such as improved health and environmental quality, better energy security and increased access to education. But it's clear that innovation for profit alone simply won't cut it today. Second, individuals and smaller enterprises can be just as important to the innovative process as the big guys (75 percent said these groups will be as innovative as large companies in the 21st century). In such context ESoCE Net Industrial Forum is please to respond to the call of the Innovation Union Initiative: "It is urgent that we all do everything we can do to achieve Innovation Union" One initiative to pursue this general objective is to create Domain Living Lab Networks supporting SMEs to take part to the innovation of Europe. The approach is to demonstrate how and at which level this exchange of experience can be useful for identifying what could be shared among network members in terms of resources and best practices as well as potential synergies within each Domain Living Lab Network.

Supported by the APOLLON Project The Industrial Forum 2011 is a two days event
The 5th of December program is organized into two sessions:

  • a morning session, built around two main panels of representatives from major international enterprises, SME's Clusters, Professional Associations and Policy makers, providing their own view on the emerging practices for Domain Networks to support Industry and SMEs Services;
  • an afternoon session, organised in 2 parallel workshops, introducing Innovation Platform typologies, one on "Domain Living Lab Networks - Instruments and Service in support to SMEs" and the second focusing on "Transversal Critical Themes for Living Labs".

The 6th of December is dedicated to the Match Making of Living Lab and SMEs. SMEs holding a Business idea will chair dedicated Multi-stakeholder Tables to identify practical steps forward for the launch of joint initiatives and to discuss and negotiate terms and conditions for conducting reality checks trials. The event will be closed by a plenary session, aiming at summarising findings and discussing opportunities for launching joint initiatives.

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